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    TU 14.30-16.30

The aim of the subject is to recognize landscape dynamics, forms and processes that framwork green infrastructure in large open spaces, intermediate mosaics and the strictly urban environment, in the context of  civil and environmental engineering.

Notions of surface and underground hydrology in the framework of the water cycle: free sheet, rain-runoff-propagation, groundwater flow

River engineering 1: river morphology, notions of river hydraulics and restoration of river ecosystems

River engineering 2: channeling, morphodynamic processes and accessibility

Natural water treatment in the framework of environmental engineering: elimination of pollutants, wetlands and lagoon

The project of alternative drainage systems: natural drainage, artificial drainage and stormwater management SUDS

Environmental charges and protective works in the framework of port engineering: waves and maritime climate, vertical facing dams and slopes

Longitudinal and transverse transport in the framework of coastal dynamics and coastal engineering: notions of longitudinal dynamics, beach profiles and dune system

Landscapes of territorial metabolism

Landscape engineering in the landscape planning and management project and processes

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Andrés Trujillo

César Jiménez

Begoña Castañon + Gabriela Baca + Carla Bonfill